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Dana - Generosity

Dana, or generosity, is one of the 'perfections' (parami) that all sincere Buddhists seek to cultivate. It is also one of the foundations on which the continuity of the Buddha's teachings has depended down the centuries. Without the voluntary support of people of goodwill, much of the tradition may have withered and this would have resulted in it being unable to respond adequately to our spiritual needs.

This site is operated by Vipassana Fellowship Ltd; an independent lay response to the hunger for reliable information about Buddhism and its practices. We take care to present the teachings of the Theravada tradition in an orthodox and accessible way. One of our main activities, since 1997, has been the online meditation course. Well over a thousand people participated free-of-charge during its first five years and it continues to be offered freely to participants in South Asia via our Buddhist Homelands scheme. The course is fully supported, and each course lasts for three months.

As Vipassana Fellowship is not a large foundation, we rely on voluntary support to enable our Dhamma activities (both online and face-to-face) to continue and develop. If you feel you would like to help our work you can do so by embracing the practice of dana.

Donations can be made by most credit or debit cards. We use PayPal for these secure transactions and you can make a donation - of any amount - by clicking on the button below. All dana will be gratefully received and will be acknowledged.

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If you do not wish to use PayPal (or it is unavailable in your country) please contact us for alternative methods.

Thank you. We appreciate your support.

Dhamma Essay:
A Note on Openness by Bhikkhu Bodhi

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