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Vipassana Fellowship gratefully acknowledges the work of Access to Insight, John Bullitt and Thanissaro Bhikkhu in the production and translation of most of the canonical texts presented here.

Those texts from the Pali Canon marked 'ATI' on this site appear courtesy of Access to Insight <> and are subject to the following agreement:

The files are freely offered as a gift of Dhamma dana, thanks to the kind generosity of the authors, translators, publishers, and transcribers who have made these texts available online. You may download these files to your computer, print them out, read them, share them with your friends, copy them to your own website, translate them into other languages, and redistribute them electronically -- provided that you do not charge any money for them. They are not in the public domain.

You may reformat the files as you please, but you may not change their content without first obtaining permission from the author, translator, or publisher. Many of the texts available here contain additional copyright notices with specific additional rights and restrictions spelled out by the authors and publishers; please read and abide by these notices. If you reprint or republish any of these materials, please acknowledge the original author, translator, or publisher, as appropriate. If you have particular questions about the copyright status of any of the ATI materials offered here, please contact Access to Insight.

Unless otherwise indicated the 'ATI' texts are translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Dhamma Essay:
Kamma is Intention by Ayya Khema

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